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About Franschhoek

Valley of the Vines

The Valley of Franschhoek in the Western Cape began it’s history as a wine region in 1694 when 9 French & Dutch Huguenots were given the land in the area then known as Oliphantshoek, so called because of the Elephants that favoured the isolated corner.

Franschhoek, with it’s easy access to the Western Cape Winelands and Karoo, plus its proximity to Cape Town, has become famous for it’s fine wines, breathtaking beauty, and more recently, good eating, hence the well earned title of “Food and Wine Capital of the Cape.”

Added to these are a growing host of Art Galleries, decor and craft shops of a high calibre, and speciality shops such as our Belgian Chocolate Shop.

Wander round the charming old streets of Franschhoek, relax at a street cafe, visit the Huguenot Memorial Museum or go to a Vineyard and take a cellar tour. For the more adventurous, try a wine tour by bicycle or on horseback!