Best Places for Dinner in Franschhoek

In our last blog, we spoke about the best places for lunch in Franschhoek. This time, we thought it would be fitting of us to not leave you wanting more and serve up our suggestions for the best places for dinner in Franschhoek. 

With lunch sorted, it’s only going to be a few hours until those stomachs of yours begin rumbling again, ready for a spot of dinner. In such a beautiful location, you want a venue that will live up to your expectations and provide you with the great food and drink that has made the Food and Wine Capital of the Cape famous. 

So, where are the best places to dine in Franschhoek for your evening meal? 


For our first pick, we’re going with a wonderful restaurant, a real slice of Europe, offering Italian cuisine you won’t want to miss. This is the place to go to satisfy all of your pasta and pizza needs in the heart of the village. The recently updated courtyard often plays host to some lovely evening entertainment. 

Though the food is the real show stealer, made with fresh ingredients – the meals are fantastic, filling and taste as great as they look. Visit this restaurant for dinner in Franschhoek for a romantic and warm atmosphere. 

Hussar Grill 

Three words to describe Hussar Grill? Meat. Lovers. Paradise. Here, you will find everything that makes an amazing steakhouse: steaks cooked to your preference perfectly, unrivalled service from friendly staff, vegetarians can rejoice with vegetarian-friendly options, sides and condiments to fall in love with, and the warm ambience everyone can appreciate. 

This is a true gem of a restaurant for your evening meal. Not only is the food and service tough to beat, but sitting by the crackling fireplace with a belly full of hot food and a glass of wine in hand is always a terrific way to relax and soak up the sunset. That’s it, we think it’s time for our next visit!

La Petite Colombe 

Now if you’re really in the mood to treat yourself, then this is fine dining done absolutely right. As of writing this blog, La Petite Colombe is currently number one of the top-rated restaurants in Franschhoek on TripAdvisor and we’re not surprised. As opposed to simply offering dinner service, this venue goes above and beyond to provide an experience like no other. 

The food is simply marvellous and will satisfy any fine dining aficionado in your party. But what really separates this restaurant from the others is the original and creative presentation that will go beyond the highest of expectations. True artistry, satisfying food and wine amidst beautiful gardens is what awaits you. 

Le Bon Vivant

For a delicious French cuisine treat, Le Bon Vivant doesn’t disappoint. You can find this beautiful restaurant easily, just off the main street and once inside, the relaxed and comfortable atmosphere will hit you, just as fast as the impeccable food will hit your tastebuds.

The food has been described as ‘out of this world’ and the presentation is ‘like a work of art.’ The unique and interesting dishes make for a special dinner that is finished off wonderfully by the inviting selection of desserts available. You must visit this establishment more than once. If not, you’re at a loss for sure.


Not often with your evening meal do you feel as though you have stepped into a completely different world. Though that is the case with Reubens. The welcoming feel where your every need is catered for is instantly felt and you just know you’re in for an amazing meal that will remind you what great food tastes like. 

This venue ticks all the boxes – the food is superb, the service is accommodating and top notch and the location holds true to the beauty of South Africa. For a memorable meal in the Valley of the Vines, you don’t want to miss out on this one, a definite must when it comes to restaurants in Franschhoek.

Haute Cabrière

Last but by no means least is Haute Cabrière. Just 1.5km from The Coach House, this restaurant is often recommended to our guests for several reasons. It would not be an unpopular opinion to say this venue boasts the best views in Franschhoek that overlook the valley. 

The food is first class with so many options to choose from that will satisfy all who attend. Their range of MCC is hard to beat and when paired with the sights and setting, you cannot go wrong. Here’s a local tip for you: make your reservation an hour or two before closing to have the most perfect sunset view over the wine farms; your Instagram will have never looked so good (and will spread that mutual feeling of jealousy amongst your followers).

In Summary

There you have it, some of our local favourites Franschhoek has to offer when it strikes dinner time. Remember, if you missed out on reading our first blog, covering the best places for lunch in Franschhoek, you can find it easily on our website. With both blogs under your belt, you’ll be an expert on all the best local spots for food.

And, hey, if you’re planning on staying with us, keep in mind that live-in managers, Bertie and Cornel, are always on hand before or during your visit to dish out personal favourite restaurants and cafés, as well as help you out with any bookings.