Best Places for Lunch in Franschhoek

The village of Franschhoek offers a travelling experience like no other. After all, it’s rich with its own amazing history, close by to the captivating capital that is Cape Town and has more than enough natural beauty to marvel at. 

Though, more recently, this valley has become more well-known for its good eating, hence becoming named the Food and Wine Capital of the Cape.

With a title so impressive, there must be one or two local spots that offer up a great lunch. In fact, there are more than just one or two, there are plenty, and in this blog, we’re going to be clueing you in on our top five picks for the best lunch café and restaurants in Franschhoek.

The Garden Café

If you’re one who seeks the simple pleasures in life then this could be your new favourite lunch spot. The food is uncomplex, yet prepared beautifully with no room for error, leading to an always-delicious treat. Pair the great food with this magical and large garden setting for a lunch experience that will see hours pass by effortlessly. 

This café is ideal for families with younger children, with its own kids play area included in this unique garden setting that almost feels hidden from the rest of the world. The pricing is excellent and the coffee is hot and always fresh – what could be better? 

Klein Goederust

When searching for a great place for lunch in Franschhoek, you may come across Klein Goederust. Though new in the area, this winery and food spot has made quite an impact. It’s not only the food that is important at lunchtime but the atmosphere – here it’s warm, welcoming and simply lovely. Perfect for those holidays where you’re aiming to be off of your feet for as long as possible. 

With delicious food and a wide range of wines and MCC, you can expect new flavours and tantalising textures, all with a friendly service from the knowledgeable staff. Nothing quite measures up to enjoying lunch in a gem of Franschhoek, such as this venue.

The Orangerie at Le Lude

What are holidays for if not to spoil yourself? This is exactly what you will be doing when you book a table at this romantic establishment. Whether it’s a lunch date with your significant other or an occasion to entertain friends, The Orangerie at Le Lude is the place to visit. 

With no kids menu and no prams allowed, this is one for the grown-ups (it’s okay to air fist pump when you read that). From the very beginning, you will be made to feel special by the attentive and accommodating service; what’s more exceptional than the unrivalled setting and scenery, is the food that will leave you wanting more with every bite. 

Hey Joe

There is such a thing as too much wine…so we’ve been told. So, if you’re in the mood for something else to wash down your lunch, then Hey Joe provides you with an amazing selection of great Belgian beers, courtesy of their taproom. A chilled beer, flanked by some hearty comfort food sounds like a good plan any time of the year, that’s including vacation time. 

Here, you really feel like you are in Belgium itself – wonderful food, frosty beers and a super atmosphere will serve as a lovely lunchtime treat for parties of all sizes, young and old, local or travelling from further afield. 

Eikehof Wine Farm

Lunch here is easy with no fuss included. Instead, you are guaranteed a wonderful experience, questioning your luck as to how you found yourself in such a gem of a place. Their own wine is more than delicious that words simply do not do it justice – you must experience it for yourself. 

Hospitality is taken to a new level with a personal touch while offering you the chance to pair your glass of wine with a dream platter of your choosing: cheese, cheese and meat, cheese with fruit, or go all out with a cheese, meat and fruit platter that makes for a simply relaxing and fulfilling lunch. 

In Summary

Franschhoek, the Food and Wine Capital of the Cape, not surprisingly, has an abundance of culinary experiences and an array of restaurants, cafés and wine farms to satisfy any lunchtime hunger. 

Of course, these are just a few mentions; there are so many places to enjoy lunch in Franschhoek during your stay. If you’re planning to stay with us, you can get the most out of this amazing culinary location by coming to us, live-in managers Bertie and Cornel, to receive our recommendations and help with any reservations. So, please do get in touch before or during your stay.

Keep your eyes peeled for our next blog, where we’ll be discussing the best places for dinner in Franschhoek.