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Your Complete Guide: The Best Franschhoek Wine Tram Routes

Whether you’re a regular rider of the famous wine trams or a complete novice, it’s handy to have a bit of an inside scoop into the best Franschhoek wine tram routes, what the different lines are and where they stop, how to plan your day, and which route is best for you. Luckily, you’ve stumbled across our complete guide which will leave all of your questions answered.

Planning Your Wine Tram Route

When it comes to holidays and day trips, planning is so important and when you choose to enjoy a ride on the Franschhoek wine trams, there are a few things that are ideal to know before setting off on this unique journey of flavour and views!


Firstly, you need to know that there are a total of ten different lines to choose from; these are named by colour, so you have lines: Purple, Orange, Pink, Grey, Blue, Green, Yellow, Red, Burgundy, and Navy to choose from. Each line has an average of nine-ten stops.


You also need to know when to set your alarm, shoot out of your room door, and travel to your closest terminal to catch the line you want. As of writing, the earliest departures for each line are as follows:

– 9:14 a.m. – Purple

– 9:30 a.m. – Pink, Green, Red

– 9:35 a.m. – Orange, Burgundy, Navy

– 10:00 a.m. – Grey, Blue, Yellow

Recommended Franschhoek Wine Tram Routes

As a frequented guesthouse based in the Valley of Vines, we have gotten to know the widely-known wine trams and the lines that come with them, whether that’s from guests of ours revealing which line offers the best adventure in their opinion, or from our own visits.


Red Line

With nine possible stops, the Red line has a bit of something for everyone. Lovers of elegant food and wine will sink comfortably into this excursion, thanks to places like Le Lude and Eikehof Wine Estate – their cheese, meat and fruit platter, paired with a glass of wine is unlike anything else. Or stops such as Lynx and Rickety Bridge offer exquisite dining in unimaginable scenery.


Also on this line is the lovely Franschhoek Cellar which is perfect for solo visitors, pairs and even families, with its own supervised and enclosed play area. We love the Red line because of its exciting ability to combine the many elements of Franschhoek into one trip, offering a chance to reconnect with nature, ogle the striking views, taste indulgent flavours and enjoy a wine experience to treasure for a lifetime.


Blue Line

Where else can you witness the spectacle of a painting pig? The answer is the Blue line! This wine tram route allows you to witness the very essence of what makes Franschhoek unique and, better yet, allows you to take part for yourself. Stop at Pigcasso Wine Estate for an intriguingly bizarre look at the home of the painting pig and splendid art gallery. 


We also recommend such stops on this Blue line as Atlas Swift, a delightful wine estate that offers activities like cheese and charcuterie pairing and cellar tours. The previously discussed Franschhoek Cellar is also included as part of this route. When the weather calls for picnics, lawn games and spa opportunities, this line is a top contender when you stop at Mont Rochelle.

All stops on the Blue line:

  • Atlas Swift
  • Franschhoek Cellar
  • Grande Provence 
  • Holden Manz
  • La Bri
  • Mont Rochelle
  • Pigcasso 
  • Rickety Bridge
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Purple Line

An incredibly popular route is the Purple line and here’s why. There are some really stand-out places of interest when touring along this line that demands you hop off and discover. One Red line stop that we just love is Boschendal; this is a place that offers just what you’d expect from Franschhoek – exquisite wine tastings, fabulous dining and what a spot for a picnic with beautiful mountain backdrops. Boschendal also provides a mound of activities for all, horse riding is a particular favourite of ours.


Other stops along this route will have you hooked, like Noble Hill, the restaurant here combines its lush estate wine with responsibly sourced, local, slow-cooked meats that will have your mouths watering until you take a taste for yourself. Boasting picturesque garden walks at other stops on this route and Vrede en Lust, a location that hosts Lindt and wine pairing, the Purple line is as sure a thing as ever.

All stops on the Purple line:

  • Anura 
  • Baccō Estate
  • Babylonstoren
  • Boschendal 
  • Noble Hill
  • Plaisir
  • Solms-Delta
  • Vrede En Lust

Grey Line

Lastly, the Grey line is another recommended route from us. You really cannot falter going with this route; if the scenery doesn’t have you in awe, the wine experience will. You can take your enjoyment of great wine and even MCC to new heights with pairing sessions of wine & nougat or hummus and MCC & oysters at Grande Provence.

DSCF2098 (1)

Admirers of fine food can also rejoice when riding this line. Stops that come to mind are Chamonix—whose delicious restaurant sits at the foot of the towering mountains—or Dieu Donne who effortlessly captures the charm of South Africa’s vineyards and matches that with amazing food.


All stops on the Grey line:

  • Chamonix
  • Dieu Donné
  • Franschhoek Cellar
  • Grande Provence 
  • Haute Cabrière 
  • Klein Goederust
  • Leopard’s Leap
  • Rickety Bridge

Whichever line you choose, keep in mind that when lunch is on the itinerary for your wine tram day trip, pre-booking is always strongly advised.

Franschhoek Vineyard Hopper

If you’re keen to experience the captivating culture of Franschhoek and South Africa via wine tram, but also want more freedom from your day trip, you can opt for the Vineyard Hopper – a non-guided, hop-on hop-off experience.


If your accommodation is located within 4km of the town hall, you can be collected and dropped off by the Vineyard Hopper tram. If flexibility is important to you, then great! With this option, you can choose the length of your day trip with a quick 1-4 hour day trip or make a whole day of it with 4-7 hours of pure enjoyment.

Going down this route puts you in the driving seat (no double pun intended.) How it works is that a minimum of 2 guests will scan the Vineyard Hopper website to pick and choose the places of interest they’d love to stop at. With your schedule created, you’re taken to and picked up from the wineries, breweries, and restaurants you want to visit most. The chance to tour the gorgeous land of Franschhoek, sampling the very best produce with a guaranteed ride in between – it’s like a dream come true.

In Summary

The Food and Wine Capital of the Cape’s wine tram is a beloved attraction of Franschhoek. Our guests love it, we love it and we are certain that you will too. We hope that this guide has helped you with any questions, concerns or queries you may have when it comes to the famous trams and their routes.


Remember that we, live-in managers at The Coach House Bertie and Cornell, are always available to help you out with anything you may need before or during your stay with us. If the wine tram is on your list of things to do in Franschhoek, make sure that staying at The Coach House is on your list of places to stay.


When you’re dealing with something as popular as the Franschhoek wine trams, booking is essential. This is so easy to do; all you have to do is head over to the official site for the Franschhoek wine tram and click ‘Book Now’. Then it’s up to you to pick a day, select the number of people coming with you and the line you want to ride.